About Sarka

Sarka Halas, founder of Sarka Botanicals

Thank you for taking the time to experience Sarka Botanicals. I developed the line because I wanted to bring a modern approach to the ancient apothecary. As a trained herbalist with over 20 years of experience (including clinical work in dispensaries in Vancouver and Toronto), I draw on the enduring wisdom found in western herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine as the foundation of my approach. I believe there is so much we can learn from the traditional use of plants combined with a science-backed understanding of their applications.

I have a clear, intentional, and directional approach to product formulation. I approach plants first by looking at their phytochemistry, followed by their effects on human physiology.  I take a less is more perspective to skincare, formulating with a multi-benefit approach that is broad enough in scope to address a variety of skin concerns. 

I obsessively research every ingredient used in our formulas and choose those that are safe, proven, and have published research studies to back their purposes in skincare. I love working with adaptogens, antioxidant-rich herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and common, everyday plants that have a long history of use.

On a personal note, late motherhood, coupled with turning 40, dramatically changed my skin; acne, persistent dryness, hyperpigmentation due to hormones and sun exposure, were just a few of the concurrent issues I had. I rarely had time for an overcomplicated and multi-step routine, and Sarka Botanicals came from a personal need for multipurpose, deep care that would deliver the right phytonutrients in high-performance, results-driven, and directional skincare.

I continue to be a lifelong advocate of healthy living and wellness, and long before it hit the mainstream I've stood by the belief that healthy skin is skin in harmony. Away from product formulation, I've worked as journalist and editor in London and Toronto for many years. With my editorial background, its been important from day one to facilitate conversation and connection, you can find a series of interviews with founders and people doing interesting things here. My goal is to provide high-value conversation around ingredients, skincare, aging well, and wellness practices. All content is fact-checked and thoroughly researched. You won't find a purist wellness perspective here; I have always approached ideas with a research-driven and curious eye.

My products are designed to deliver the powerful ingredients to support healthy and vibrant skin. It's my aim to create mindful, conscious, pared-back products to bring your skin to its healthiest state.

With gratitude,

Sarka Halas, Founder