About Sarka

Sarka Halas, founder of Sarka Botanicals

Thank you for taking the time to experience Sarka Botanicals. As a trained herbalist with over 20 years of experience, I draw on the ancient plant wisdom found in western herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to make luxurious, modern botanical skincare that is efficacious and high-performance. 

I take a less is more perspective to skincare, formulating with a multi-benefit approach that is broad enough in scope to address a variety of skin concerns. 

I obsessively research every ingredient used in our formulas and choose those that are safe, proven, have published research studies or clinical studies to back their purpose in skincare. Every formulation I create focuses on prevention, protection, renewal or regeneration for your skin. 

On a personal note, late motherhood, coupled with turning 40, dramatically changed my skin, I had multiple concurrent skin issues and rarely had time for an overcomplicated and multi-step routine. Sarka Botanicals came from a need for multipurpose, deep care that delivered results-driven and directional skincare.

I've been a lifelong advocate of healthy living and wellness, and long before it hit the mainstream I've believed in a holistic lifestyle to maintain health at any age. Away from product formulation, my goal is to provide high-value conversation around ingredients, skincare, aging well, and wellness practices, you can read our blog here. You will find a pro-aging perspective in all our editorial content, because aging women are the most interesting, coolest women I know.

My products are designed with potent plant extracts and science-backed active ingredients for healthy and vibrant skin at any age.

With gratitude,

Sarka Halas, Founder