Ancient plant wisdom, modern botanical skincare.

We take a modern approach to the classical botanical apothecary. Our plant-powered skincare is rooted in traditional botanical wisdom garnered through the ages and made for maximum efficacy through skin-correcting ingredients and studied, proven actives at efficacious percentages. 

We are committed to full transparency and conscious ingredient selection to bring you the finest in results-driven botanical skincare.  Our meaningful and multi-benefit formulas are designed to respect and address the needs of your skin.

Ingredients in harmony with nature. 

We get you closer to nature. Every ingredient is chosen to renew, nourish and transform your skin. For us, healthy skin is skin in harmony. We use the old-world methods of macerating skin-loving plant oils with the healing properties of vibrant botanicals to create bespoke oils.
Each of our formulas is created with a directional base layer of macerated plants specific to the intention of the overall formulas. This four week infusion process packs each formula with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, and enzymes. This foundational layer is then blended with plant extracts, amino acids, and proven actives at efficacious percentages. 

Our plant infusions are made in-house and made every six to eight weeks, ensuring freshness of our products. We take these extra steps because we are committed to offering truly exceptional skincare.

When choosing our ingredients, we look at how plants have been used through the ages in herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. There's a reason you see botanicals like astragalus, schisandra, ashwagandha, echinacea, dandelion, arnica, calendula, and plantain in formulas: they have stood the test of time.

We then turn to published scientific and clinical studies to dig deeper and further substantiate those uses. We look to innovate extraction methods, (such as carbon dioxide extraction), upcycled botanicals, and next-generation ingredients to create truly elevated skincare.

Uncompromising quality.

We use only the highest quality raw materials to ensure maximum efficacy, potency, and freshness. Our formulas are made with organic, wildcrafted, or biodynamic herbs, oils, fruits, roots, and seaweeds. We use only cold-pressed nut, seed, and fruit oils with the right lipid profiles and maximum nutritional content to feed and hydrate your skin.

We are committed to full transparency and conscious ingredient selection to bring you the finest in results-driven botanical skincare that addresses the needs of your skin. 

One foot in the old-world apothecary and the other in a science-based understanding of plants is at the heart of Sarka Botanicals.


Botanical Vitamin C and dropper.

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