two flowers on muted background and text saying "we are driven by a need to do better"


As part of our sustainability ethos, we believe that less is more. We've created versatile, multi-functional and multi-correctional skincare essentials. At Sarka Botanicals we are conscious of how we consume products and how much waste is created by the beauty industry.


From inception, we have moved away from gendered, age- and skin-type specific formulations to create an inclusive roster of high-performance products that will allow for a pared-back, simple, and intentional skincare routine that is kinder to our planet.



The next step in skincare is transparency and accountability for what we take out of the earth, as well as what we put back in. We are committed to biodiversity and source our whole plants from farms in the UK and Europe to support local growers and to decrease our carbon footprint. 


We prioritize working with regionally native plants grown on organic farms, over exotic ingredients obtained from fragile ecosystems and shipped across the globe. We prioritize working with everyday plants that are native to and well-established in Europe, the U.K., and North America.


We do this because we wanted shorter supply chains and we want to lessen our ecological footprint while bringing you the finest in botanical skincare



Functional botanicals are at the center of our formulas and we meticulously source top quality ingredients from reputable partners who share our commitment to environmental stewardship. We support organic and biodynamic farming practices because we strongly believe enduring soil quality determines the quality and health of the plants grown in it.


Preserving plant biodiversity is a major concern for us because it is critical for the health of the plant. We never use plants that are threatened or endangered due to overharvesting or habitat loss. If a plant is under pressure in its natural habitat, we always use the cultivated species, sourced from organic or biodynamic farms. We take ingredient sourcing seriously and work with suppliers and growers whose methods of cultivation and production are sustainable.



Our products are packaged in patented Miron (violet) glass. Miron glass helps filter out damaging rays of the visible light spectrum, keeping our products fresher for a longer period of time. Glass is fully recyclable, but we encourage you to reuse our beautiful glass packaging. 


Our boxes are made using FSC certified paper which means the paper comes from sustainable forests and/or recycled materials. Our supplier is carbon balanced, which means the carbon footprint across the company's operations has been estimated and offset by ecological charity.


All of our boxes, inserts, tissue paper, and shipping material can be recycled with household paper recycling.


We don't use single-use plastics and won't be producing single use samples, unless we find an earth-friendly way to do it. We do offer 10ml travel sizes of our face oils packaged in Miron glass. Shop here for travel sizes.